Brewers May Have Offered Contract To…

I’ve heard tonight that the Milwaukee Brewers may have made a contract offer to free agent first baseman Derrek Lee.

From what I’ve heard at this time Lee had not accepted the offer.

The offer I heard about would be for a prorated, one-year deal with a base salary of $2 million with incentives worth up to $6 million more.

As with any contract offer, negotiations can still take place which could change these terms.

Lee would need to work out for the team as a part of the negotiations.

If Lee does accept the offer, there has been talk that he’d need about 15 minor-league games to get ready.

I’ll keep my ear open if anything else is passed my way on this topic.

***UPDATE: Doug Melvin confirmed to the media that they did talk to free agent 1B Derrek Lee but that signing him is “not going to happen”.***

In the same message, I was told that the Brewers are also tossing around the idea of making a contract offer to a certain free agent starting pitcher.

More on that if they get further down the proverbial road.


  1. Mateo Fischer

    I feel like such an idiot, but I never realized that Derrek Lee never signed this offseason. Now that i know the fact I can back track in my mind and realize that it never happened, but I never realized until I read this post. “Learn something new everyday” I suppose.

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