Zack Greinke to Hire Agent, Perhaps Ready to Extend Contract?

There is a report today (ESPN Insider only) from Jim Bowden concerning Zack Greinke.

It states that yesterday, Sunday, Greinke apparently told Bowden that he has decided to hire an agent sooner rather than later. This is a diversion from his previously stated intention to remain agent-less for the time being because there quite simply wasn’t a reason to retain one.

Greinke fields questions from reporters during his first official visit to Miller Park following his signing as a free agent.

Coupled with Doug Melvin’s stated desire to extend Greinke and my own report that Greinke originally broached the topic of extending his stay in Milwaukee this past December, this has resulted in speculation that Greinke and the Brewers might be “down the road” on a multi-year extension.

In any contract negotiation, there are things which no player would have the proper time to research and be knowledgeable about, so bringing in an established agent/agency for the final stages of a negotiation where no agent was present before would make sense.

Hopefully we’ll know more either way coming up soon, but Greinke has repeatedly commended multiple parts of the Brewers organization and environment from owner Mark Attanasio, to the fans, to the respect which manager Ron Roenicke has “earned” from Greinke. This all speaks well to the Brewers’ chance to keep the dynamic right-hander from reaching free agency.

Zack Greinke arrived to a lot of (deserved) fanfare following the 2010 season. It would certainly be nice, especially with what the Brewers had to give up to acquire him, to keep him starting every fifth day.

And a rotation with Yovani Gallardo and Zack Greinke at its front would help keep the Brewers in contention for multiple years to come.


  1. Mateo Fischer

    I would say this is the time to get that contract signed, for the Brewers, because Grienke was actually better than his (household) stats suggested last year and the last thing you want to do as a GM is re-sign a player after a great year unless it is absolutely necessary- trust me, I’m a Twins fan.

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