Ryan Braun Appeal Results Contained Within

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you saw an intentionally vague message just after 11 o’clock this morning. It simply said: “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

The cloud in this case was the outcome of a standard drug test taken by then-unnamed but now-reigning National League Most Valuable Player Ryan Braun. A test result, without getting into all of the specifics and details and rumors involved, which normally carries with it a 50-game suspension.

Braun immediately appealed the findings of the test and the longest waiting game of the offseason took flight. If Braun loses his appeal, he would serve a 50-game suspension beginning on Opening Day of the 2012 season. Braun’s first game back in that scenario would be May 31st against the Dodgers in Los Angeles.

I was told this morning that a decision was finally reached and it would be announced hopefully tonight, but maybe tomorrow. The only delay was to get Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig’s sign-off.

I thought…

  • Well, if the league is preparing an announcement, he must be getting suspended.
  • But if the commissioner needs to sign off on it, it must not be 50 games because otherwise why would he need to sign off?

Therefore, it is with relief that I announce that:


UPDATE: I heard that the reason that there was an announcement from the league is because, in light of the media circus surrounding this entire process because of the initial leak, the sides agreed to a joint press release about the results.


  1. Seamus O'Brien

    SCAM! the usual MLB….What a joke this league is. Now they have lawyers to get you off on Technicalities….MLB is what it was 2 years ago.. A JOKE>

  2. Gus

    this is a bunch of horse pucky!!!! thanks MLB to allow cheaters to continue… and now he is blaming MLB… way to go Braun.. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

  3. Stephen Sinclair

    Shame on MLB and Bud Selig for the deplorable procedures they have the teir inability to see that there are problems. I think it maybe time for Bud to go…..

  4. Gabe Macias

    Loyalty doesnt help u think rationally… Braun had steroids in his system…. How does he explain that??? U who support him need to b real…. He’s a cheater like Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, and Ramirez…

    • Brewer Nation

      Gabe, he did not have steroids in his system. The erroneous report from ESPN saying that he had tested positive for PEDs (which he didn’t), and irresponsible journalism by on-air personalities that used the word “steroids” when they shouldn’t have been were the mentions of it.

      If he had tested positive for a steroid, he wouldn’t have won his appeal.

  5. bpvsev

    Just take a look at the medical documentation and history of Braun since he joined the team. No weight gain, consistent numbers, consistently negative test results (until this one, of course). Anyone in the medical field knows that tampering with a urine sample is not rocket science. It can be done easier than you think! Seen it before, will see it again. Forty four hours is a long time to have that sample without any witnesses. Why did the other samples that were obtained the same day make it to the lab and Brauns got “taken home” ? It’s pretty obvious where they need to start looking for the truth………….

  6. TJ

    I agree the process failed and the ruling was right. If he is innocent and did not take this than who is to blame for the results? He better find someone to blame or else all could assume is that he is another Palmeiro.

  7. twinsnotes

    I think there will be still nagging voices that Braun will always have to deal with. He will always have to deal with the issue that although the chain of custody was broken with the delivery of the sample, the seal was not broken when the sample reached the lab as well as the fact that the sample contained synthetic testosterone. I hope that he can continue to have a positive career and put this behind him.

    Twins Notes – http://twinsnotes.mlblogs.com

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