Remember That One Time…?

If you follow on Twitter or Facebook (I don’t think I put it on Google+) you may have seen a rumor two nights ago regarding a player approaching Doug Melvin about an extension.

I wanted to look into it a bit further before sharing who this player is but shared a bit to prompt guessing from those that saw it.

The theoretical extension that I heard about as an idea brought to Melvin was discussed at five years for “below-market” value though, again, this was the earliest kind of conversation so no numbers would have been exchanged yet anyway.

This player wants to be compensated well but wants to leave the Brewers with room to maneuver in their budget. This, of course, would be in an effort to help the Brewers stay competitive.

I don’t know what point, if anywhere, the talks have progressed to further than just the initial notification of the desire to indeed talk.

Many people guessed the player’s name correctly but I will say to you now that it is referring to Zack Greinke.

Greinke is said to really like it in Milwaukee and would like to stay here for a period of time but, again, wants to get paid too.

I’ll be monitoring this situation as closely as I can. Remember: this is not a situation where a contract offer has been discussed let alone made. Nothing may ultimately come of this.

But the willingness to talk coupled with the fact that it was Greinke that approached Melvin made this register on my radar.

I’ll keep everyone up-to-date on what I hear going forward.

Happy Brew Year!


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