Just When I Thought it Was Safe To Post Again…

By: Big Rygg


I chose this week — and more specifically today — to begin posting blog entries again. It’s been an incredibly long off-season for me and with nearly a dozen Spring Training games under the collective belts of the Brewers, it felt like a good time to kick this thing back up into…well, into any gear at all.

However, like the title says, just when I thought it was safe to post again the news hits the internet that new staff ace Zack Greinke will miss at least three regular season starts with a fractured rib. Greinke has finally revealed what he previously called a “stupid” reason for the injury: he was playing basketball and fell while going for a rebound.

So what does this injury mean? The quick and dirty answers are that Yovani Gallardo will almost assuredly start Opening Day on March 31st in Cincinnati against the Reds, the Brewers must now try to identify a fifth starter for the times when they’ll need one, and try to stave off any possible fan revolt. 

Okay, that third point is a bit of tongue-in-cheek ranting, but there are those out there that will undoubtedly cry wolf…and not Randy.

The good news in this situation, though, is that the doctor has said that it’s a very mild injury and that after two weeks of rest, Greinke will be able to begin throwing. The doctor also said that if it was the playoffs, Greinke would be able to go out there and toe the rubber.

The other piece of positivity that we all have to keep in mind is that this injury is affecting Greinke now instead of, for example, during the stretch run of a playoff push. If Greinke has to miss a couple of starts, I think we all agree that the first two weeks of April are better than the last two weeks of September.

Injuries are a part of the game and the Brewers will find a way to fill the rotation spot until Greinke is ready to go. Let’s just all hope he rests the way he is supposed to and gets back out there as soon as possible.

For all our sakes.


  1. tiffk99

    Although I’m sure Brewer fans everywhere are disappointed at the news, Cardinal fans would gladly trade scenarios with you. We lost our ace (who is better than Greinke) for THE WHOLE YEAR. Be glad it’s only a couple of April starts.

    – Tiffany

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