Holy Crap…

By: Big Rygg

If it’s been said once, it’s been said 1,000 times as it relates to baseball…

“Things even out in the end.”

We’ve had a few gems in the pitching duel department this year, to be sure. Well, tonight we had a good old fashioned slobberknocker, if I may.

14-12 was the final score. That’s a total of 26 runs scored, math majors. The Brewers were down by five runs more than once in this game and battled back to within striking distance and eventually take the lead. We had home runs, timely hitting and just enough pitching (including a nice bounce-back from future member of the Hall of Fame Trevor Hoffman).

All told, the Brewers bats appear to have finally stopped hitting the snooze button and gotten out of bed. Hopefully we can continue the momentum that we built up over the past 9 innings (which started during the White Sox series) through the rest of the month and into the dog days of summer.

Without going into every part of the box score…

Ryan Braun finished a double shy of the cycle. Prince Fielder hit his first career grand slam. Together Braun and Fielder drove in a combined 11 runs (5 and 6 respectively) which is only the 4th time in the last 30 years that the numbers 3 and 4 hitters in a lineup drove in 11 or more runs together in the same game. Helluva night.

The same CANNOT be said for Dave Bush (who trimmed the beard…big mistake) and Chris Narveson as they combined to give up 11 of the Crew’s 12 runs allowed. Mark DiFelice gave up the other as he threw the pitch that Travis Hafner deposited into the right-field bleachers allowing two of his teammates to trot around the bases in front of him. But hey…the pitchers will have an off night every now and then too. The offense wiill have to pick them up every now and then, and while you usually can’t and therefore don’t overcome a pitching staff that gives up 12…well, they did it tonight and that’s all that matters at the moment.

Big win. Nice confidence boost for the bats and hopefully we can stay out of the funk for a while that this team finds themselves in a little too often.

The team is now 2-6 in Interleague play this year. Hopefully we can ramp up the victories a bit and even that record up over these next few days.



  1. invader3k

    Nice blog post. It was a crazy game last night. I’m glad I didn’t give up and tune out like I’m sure some people did. I agree that I hope the offense turned a corner with this win over the Indians. With the way the Brewers starting pitching has generally been (aside from Gallardo), they will need all the help they can muster.


  2. dynias

    I’ve been watching every game that I can get on TV this year, and I have to say that I was this || close to turning the channel last night when the Crew dropped to a five run deficit for the SECOND time in the game. But I am SO happy I hung in there. When Fielder knocked his first career GS out of there last night, it reminded me of why I love this game in the first place. I was absolutely thrilled to watch our bats come back to life after a long drought. My only concerns now are our pitching.
    And, of course, JJ … 1 for 31 is not a place a starting ShortStop needs to be. Hardy’s SO much better than that. He’s hitting the ball well, it just seems to always be aimed directly at an opposing player’s glove. But if the rest of the team can wake up, maybe that’ll be just the shot in the arm that Hardy needs to find his swing again.

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