Never Say Never

By: Big Rygg

As first reported by me, it looks like the Milwaukee Brewers may have made an additional inquiry when ironing out the Tony Gwynn for Jody Gerut deal yesterday.

Ladies and gentlemen, according to someone with inside knowledge of such matters, Jake Peavy’s agent has submitted an addendum to the league office in which he has named the Milwaukee Brewers as an additional team to which he would approve a trade should one get worked out between the Brewers and his current team, the San Diego Padres.

I, for one, welcome the fact that conversation just may be taking place between Padre GM Kevin Towers and our own Doug Melvin. Now, depending on what the cost of acquiring Jake Peavy would be, I reserve the right to dislike a negotiated deal at a later time. However, there can be no argument against the fact that Melvin and Towers talking is a good thing. Just being in the conversation is step 1.

So, despite the 3-11 loss to the Minnesota Twins tonight (God will I be glad when we no longer have to play in the Humpty Dump), the Milwaukee Brewers still possess the lead in the NL Central as opposed to being 9.5 games behind (entering play today) in the NL West. If Jake Peavy is truly mostly concerned with winning, my only real question would be “Why did it take him quite so long to put us on his list?”……

But hey, since we seem to be on it now (or rather we will be once some language is reviewed by the league office if it hasn’t been already), I’ll save my snippy comments for another time.

This is the toughest test we’ve faced in a while to keep our series non-losing streak alive, but let’s go ahead and win this series too. What do you say?

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