A Change Has Been Made

By: Big Rygg

Mat Gamel is on his way to Milwaukee to join the 25-man roster. Brad Nelson, who has struggled mightily this season as a pinch-hitter and spot starter, was outrighted to AAA Nashville. In order to get to Nashville, Nelson will have to clear waivers and also accept the assignment. I’m sure he would like to stay with this team if he’s given the option, so really the clearing of waivers is really the sticky part of this.

Gamel, as Cary and I pointed out a couple of days ago on the Brewer Nation podcast, has been absolutely tearing the cover off of the ball for the majority of the season at Nashville. We also pointed out that his last 10 games through Monday hadn’t been overly impressive (he was hitting .250 with only one HR in that span), but his defense was much improved over the last 17 games in which he only had one error.

This move was made for a couple of reasons, in my opinion. First, Nelson has been so bad off the bench and we need a better left-handed hitter to use late in games. Second, there is an interleague series in Minnesota coming up on this next road trip, and we’ll need a DH for it. This was also pointed out on the podcast two full days ago.

More specifically as to why Nelson was picked as opposed to Chris Duffy is that Duffy can play all three OF spots defensively. Nelson cannot play CF effectively. Casey McGehee was safe because he’s our only right-handed option on the bench that isn’t labeled “C” for Catcher. Craig Counsell isn’t going anywhere, don’t kind yourself.

So, Mat Gamel will be given an opportunity to shine. Let’s see how well he handles it. Bill Hall seems to be getting a few extra days off against RHPs, but part of that could simply be that Counsell was forcing his way into the lineup with his great play. We’ll have to wait and see if Gamel gets a start or two in the field during this time up with the team.

Then again? There’s speculation that when J.J. Hardy was pulled from the game for what the team called a “headache” and then labeled “dizziness”, that perhaps Hardy was traded as well. I don’t buy that because bringing up Gamel as a roster replacement if you trade Hardy doesn’t make as much sense as calling up a new starting SS whom would best be named Alcides Escobar.

Then again…Bill Hall can play short, can’t he?

I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’.

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