Brewer Nation To Start Roto League !!!

by South Side Rob

I’m leaving town and will be back on Monday to give as many details as I can jot down at that time.

What I do know is that this will be a rotisserie league and NOT a fantasy league. Also, once your team is selected, that’s it. There will be no trades or free-agent moves made. This is commonly known as “BUY AND DIE”. The cost to play will be low (see below) so nobody will have to miss a car payment in order to play. There are some details to be worked out such as where we will auction as this has to be a “live” auction and cannot be done online so readers in the Milwaukee area are probably our only candidates to join us (Sorry about that).

I’d like this to be National League teams only. If we get more than 10 entries, then we’ll consider a mixed league. It will be a traditional rotisserie league with a few wrinkles that will make it very fun for the casual baseball fan as well as die hard baseball fans. This will also be an auction draft and the draft order will consist of selecting a team out of a hat and going down the entire roster so there will be no draft order and there is no way to determine which teams will be auctioned off first or last. Stats will accumulate on June 1st till the end of the regular season. All stats accumulated prior to June 1st will NOT COUNT. If we have just a few teams, we will take a vote to eliminate a few National League teams to keep from every team having All-Star caliber rosters. The stats we’ll track will be the traditional 5X5 which is runs scored, home runs, runs batted in, steals, and batting average for hitters and Wins, saves, strikeouts, earned run average, and WHIP (walks + hits / innings pitched). We’ll use either $260 or $280 auction dollars but I’m thinking we’ll only charge $50 to play that will be due on the day of the auction (no exceptions).

Stay tuned for my Monday article. Suggestions will also be welcome. Readers of the Brewer Nation are all invited to join us. If we get more than 16 people interested, then, we’ll have to do some sort of first come, first in basis. Again, stay tuned as I discuss this with Big Rygg and Cary as to how we’ll proceed…

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