Waiting to Exhale…

By: Big Rygg

My return to the written word this week begins with an update for those of you that may not have heard.

Ryan Braun exited the televised Brewer/Padre game this evening after being struck on the right thumb by a line drive. Braun apparently lost the ball in the lights and by the time he realized where it was, it was on him and he couldn’t do much about the impact.

Braun didn’t look happy at all and, if I’m being honest, appeared to think the thumb was broken.

He was taken out of the game after the half-inning was over and then taken for x-rays. Now the part that you can exhale about…the x-rays came back negative. The injury is being called a “contusion” and the Brewers’ left fielder is listed as “day to day”.

So, Brewer Nation, feel free to exhale.

In other developments, the weekly podcast is available. Cary was flying solo on this one as I was taking a long weekend away from Milwaukee to spend with my family. Afterall, once baseball season starts my wife won’t be seeing a whole lot of me. LOL

Click the link here to download the podcase, and thanks for listening!

Also, in case there is something that you’d like us to talk about on the podcast or you just want to give feedback, remember the Brewer Nation email address is availabe 24/7 at brewernation@gmail.com.


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