Yankees looking at Bill Hall ???

by South Side Rob

Just like everyone else, I will tell you that I heard this from a source I do not wish to name. Could it be true? Possibly. With Alex Rodriguez recovering from recent surgery, he is not expected back until late May at the earliest. My source told me that with all the money the Yankees have invested in this season with opening up the new Yankee stadium, they cannot risk the thought of falling too far back in the standings and they are desperately seeking an experienced 3rd baseman who can play everyday and can be had. The question now becomes, if this is even close to being true, what should Doug Melvin ask for in return?

Melvin has already lost the first hand he played with the Yankees when he wasn’t able to dump Mike Cameron for either Melky Cabrera, Phillip Hughes, or both. The Yankees walked away from Melvin with Doug holding a bloated $10 million dollar promise to Mike Cameron.

Baseball is a game of 2nd chances. Can Doug make the Yankees get really desperate? My first counter for Bill Hall is Melky Cabrera and Phillip Hughes. Maybe then, the Yankees will counter with, “Throw in Cameron”. Then, maybe Melvin comes back and says, “Ok, but now you need to throw in Nick Swisher too.”

I know, I’m out of control here but when you have the New York Yankees desperate instead of confident, you HAVE TO MAKE THEM PAY.

If they are really looking to deal for Bill Hall, would you do business with the Yankees and what would you want in return from the evil empire???

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