Brewer Nation Podcast

By: Big Rygg

Remember when I told you to watch this space for a big announcement? Well, here it is…

The Brewer Nation is finally taking yet another step in it’s global domination by offering what will be a weekly podcast during the 2009 regular season!

I, along with another life-long Brewer fan in my buddy Cary, will be covering all things related to Milwaukee each week. We’ll be covering the games that just happened over the last seven days along with a preview of those on deck for the coming week. We’ll discuss player news, trades, rumors, performance, trends. We’ll hit news around the league, around our division and anything else that affects the Milwaukee Brewers. There are several other special things that we’ll be rolling out throughout the season, but look for those side-announcements as those things get closer.

Are you anxious for this podcast? Are you? Can you hardly contain yourself until you can hear us talk about the Brewers?

Well, wait no more…the first one is posted!

Head here……and download the file to listen to us. It’s in MP3 format and is nearly an hour of talk. We don’t expect them all to be that long but in this first episode we discuss the team position by position in a Pitchers and Catchers Day preview.

Oh, and in case you look for one next Monday, you won’t find one. This will be a weekly show during the regular season, but since this next week of baseball is pretty much workouts and drills and there aren’t any games played for a few more days, the next time we’ll be posting a new podcast will be in two weeks.

Anyway, enough text. Click the link, download the file that you find there and listen to the first Brewer Nation Podcast!

Once you do that, please come back here and leave comments if you’d like.

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