Miller Time now Trevor Time

The Milwaukee Brewers have found their closer.

hoffman.jpgReports are coming through all the major sports news media outlets (except, oddly, for that the Milwaukee Brewers have come to an agreement on terms with free agent relief pitcher Trevor Hoffman on a one-year deal worth an up-front $6 million that has built-in incentives that could make the value of the deal worth up to a total of $7.5 million.

Some reports are also saying that the Brewers will hold a club-option for 2010 as well.

Hoffman, the all-time leader in saves in Major League history with 554, has said that he is intent on reaching 600 before retiring. No doubt the all but guarantee of closing in Milwaukee must have lended itself well to his decision to come to the brew city.

Hell’s Bells will be tolling in Milwaukee all season long. Here’s to 45 saves this year so that he’ll want to pitch again in 2010 for sure and not retire!


First of all, finally picked up on the story. Secondly, and perhaps this is why they were waiting, all outlets are currently agreeing that the deal is just for one year and for $6 million in base salary with up to $1.5 million more in incentives which could bring the total value of the one-year deal to what he made last year in San Diego.

There is, therefore, no option year tacked onto the deal. It is simply for one year which gives Hoffman the flexibility to reevaluate his situation after the year if he so chooses.

One comment

  1. southsdrob

    “Having 3 good tires on a car is better than having 2 good tires on a car but it doesn’t mean the car will drive that much better”.

    That’s the best way I can put this signing. He’s better than what we have, but we didn’t really have any options that any of us felt good about.

    6 million is too much but then I think about Billy Hall getting 6-1/2 million this season so I guess its not that bad of a risk financially.

    If we don’t fix our lineup that Melvin says is “intact”, we’re never going to get to Hoffman in the 9th!

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