Should the Brewers Look To Trade for Ichiro ???

By South Side Rob:

There are a few things that fit for this to actually become reality over pure fantasy. 1st, Ichiro is a professional lead-off hitter. 2nd, he’s left-handed. 3rd, he’s stuck on a team that has a new manager in Don Wakamatsu and a new general manager by the name of Jack Zduriencik. Zduriencik, has already signed former Milwaukee Brewer Russell Branyan and is expected to play everyday at 3rd base.

I know, the Brewers outfield is set with Braun, Cameron, and Hart. If I’m Doug Melvin, I protect Gallardo, Braun, and Fielder. Just about any other major-league player could be included in this deal in order to bring back the best hitter over the last several years.

I got this idea from watching the new cable station called the MLB Network which is on my DirecTV 24 hours, 7 days a week. It’s official, I’M HOOKED ON THIS CHANNEL. Both, Harold Reynolds and Al Leiter believe the Mariners will look to shop Ichiro in order to start the re-building. Why not the Brewers who are in desparate need for a quality lead-off hitter?

I like Corey Hart but late last year, proved why he wasn’t a 1st round draft pick. In fact, towards the end of the 2008 season, he started to show signs of a undiciplined, below-average hitter and defender. Even if Ichiro becomes just a 2-year band-aid in right field, that may be enough time to bridge the gap we have in our lineup.

Zduriencik gets all the credit (from me) for re-building the Brewer farm system. I don’t believe Melvin will fall apart as a GM but if he does, I’ll be mad that we let Zduriencik go without offering him some sort of promotion or more money to stay one more year just in case both Melvin and Ashe start to consider retirement.

The relationship is there. Maybe a Rickey Weeks/Corey Hart for Ichiro deal could be discussed between Melvin and Zduriencik. I believe Zduriencik drafted both players, that might be enough to lure Ichiro from Seattle to Milwaukee’s right-field spot.

Two things could be accomplished with one player. Adding another lefty, one of the best hitters and a lead-off hitter to boot. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. Mike Lamb can play 3rd and then, if we can’t find a suitable 2nd baseman (I say, bring back Ray Durham and hit him 2nd), then, let Bill Hall play 2nd base and see if his Lasix surgery has any improvement over his dismal offense approach in 2008…



    I gotta say, although the idea of trading for Ichiro is a possibility, the people you suggested will no way work out.

    I would say we’d have to include Fielder in the deal, and enough prospects that it’d almost be uneven.

    I guess it really depends on Jack Z’s desire to get rid of him since, from what everyone has said, he’s a huge cancer in the clubhouse.

    My anticipation on what we’d have to give up to get him:
    – Fielder
    – Hart
    – AAA pitching prospect
    – A pitching or INF prospect

    Everything else aside of who we have to give up, clubhouse cancer, yearly salary… I think he’d be a perfect fit for our needs in the outfield and at the top of the order.

  2. juliasrants

    I heard the same thing this morning on MLB Network about Ichiro. They felt that after losing so many games last season the Seattle Mariners would need to do something and probably something radical. It will be interesting to see if this really happens. (And yes, I am addicted to MLB Network already also!)


  3. southsdrob


    Do you remember what the Dodgers gave up to obtain Manny Ramirez? Infielder Andy LaRoche and pitcher Avery (Bryan) Morris which were sent to Pittsburgh via Boston and Red Sox received Jason Bay which is no Manny Ramirez. It’s not about what Pittsburgh gave up but what little the Dodgers gave up in order to obtain Manny.

    Are those names more than Hart and Weeks? I would say no.

    When a team has a motivation to move a player, you’d be surprised what they’ll take back in order to move the player.

    It all depends who makes the first call. If Doug calls Jack, then, yes, I agree the Brewers would have to give up a lot in order to obtain Ichiro. If Jack call Doug, the circumstances would be much different and I’m confident the Brewers could obtain Ichiro for far less than what I mentioned in the column.

    Let’s just hope that Jack makes the first call…

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