CC to Sign with Yankees

By: Big Rygg

The New York Post’s Joel Sherman is reporting that CC Sabathia has told New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, in a meeting at Sabathia’s home, that he would accept the Yankees’ record offer of $140 million over 6 years.

If true, this marks a sad day for Brewer Nation, but not a day that the majority of us didn’t truly believe wasn’t coming. Sabathia reportedly had been waiting for a west coast team to step up and offer a competitive deal but with the Angels focusing on Mark Teixeira, the Dodgers focusing on Manny Ramirez and not preferring to give pitchers contracts over 3 years anyway, and the Giants still paying Barry Zito…well, suffice it to say that nobody was exactly testing the water with their big toe let alone jumping in with both feet.

There are also reports that the Yankees have offered Ben Sheets a two-year contract worth $30 million.

In other Winter Meetings news, Doug Melvin apparently met with the representatives of Kerry Wood, Trevor Hoffman and Brian Fuentes. Wood is rumored to be nearing a deal with the Cleveland Indians, but that deal isn’t done yet. The newsworthy thing here, of course, if that Melvin is touching base with the other big-name free agent closers now that Francisco Rodriguez has agreed to terms with the New York Mets. Perhaps we’ll be able to focus in on other starting pitching options as well.

Well, Milwaukee, we’ve still got plenty of talent on this team and while Sabathia was the ultimate reason that this team made the playoffs for the first time in 26 years, it’s not like we’re going to vanish into the night and never contend again.

The Hot Stove sesaon will finally get kicked into gear, at least on the pitching side of things, with the two biggest chips reportedly having agreed to contract terms.

The next couple of days should be very exciting regardless of Jake Peavy’s apparent desire to continue guaranteed losing. All he’s doing is trading guaranteed regular season failure for guaranteed post-season failure. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The latest reports say that CC initially declined the 6/$140 offer and ultimately accepted a deal of 7 years/$161million, thereby making it have an average annual value slightly higher than Johan Santana’s contract which was the previous record for a pitcher. This blogger has also learned that the Brewers final proposal was going to be 5 years, $115 million with a mutual option for a sixth year at $17 million. That would’ve brought the full value of that contract to 6 years/$132 million, plenty close enough to the Yankees offer for Sabathia to accept if he wanted to, which may have been why he reportedly declined the Yankees’ initial deal.


  1. southsdrob

    Just 48 hours ago, Ned Coletti, GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers reported that CC wanted to play for the Dodgers. The NY Post can write whatever they want. It doesn’t mean its true. Until I see the press-conference announcing the signing of CC Sabathia, he’s still a free agent.

    If this becomes reality, then its bittersweet for the Brewers since they’ll be able to move Mike Cameron to the Yankees and his over-inflated 10 million dollar option.

    What I hear is that Melky Cabrera would be a part of this trade. Recently, someone suggested that Phillip Hughes would also be part of the deal.

    Let’s see what happens.

  2. kastandya

    It sucks to think that we were in a bidding war with New York and lost! Who’d have thought…. C.C. Sabathia, biggest free agent pitcher on the market and the two biggest bidders are New York and Milwaukee.
    I like the trade ideas that move Cameron. He’s not a $10 million dollar center fielder! And even if you think he is, we can’t afford a $10 million dollar free swinging center fielder.
    I also like Sheets going to N.Y. If they want to give him that much money, more power to them! They better get AFLAC on that contract.

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