South Side Rob & Family on YouTube !!!

by South Side Rob

Thanks to my “older” sister Cheryl, she put together a tribute to Sunday’s 3-1 victory. Most of our family was there (Even the Cub fans of our family who live south of the border). They behaved so we let them stay. Actually, it was my sister-in-law who ponied up for the tickets in advance so many thanks go to her and my brother who swears is a Brewers fan…..and a Cub fan….and a White Sox fan…..but more than anything, a PACKER FAN. Right now, I’m only convinced he’s a Packer fan but I actually caught him cheering for the Brewers which was a nice surprise.

It was my daughter Nicole’s 13th birthday and my sister Cheryl just happens to be her godmother. After the 2nd inning, the jumbo-tron said happy birthday to her thanks to her godmother. Another cool part of the Sunday clincher.

Obviously, it was one of the greatest games in Brewer history. Enjoy the pics and Big Rygg and his buddy Jason stopped by at our tailgate and snuck in a shot and supplied the 1982 version of “What’s Brewing”.

To enjoy the pictures, just click here…

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