As predicted here first…

By: Big Rygg




…I called it 3 years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen…this is an amazing feeling. The Milwaukee Brewers will be playing baseball in October. This is the franchise’s first trip to the National League playoffs and the team’s first trip to the playoffs over all since 1982’s storybook season that ended with a World Series loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

But we’re back in, baby, and now it’s all about a best-of-five series with the champions of the NL East, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Game 1, Wednesday night in Philadelphia, Cole Hamels vs. Yovani Gallardo (most likely).

Let’s get it on!

Oh, and as for the self-promotion earlier…at the end of the 2005 season I called the Brewers’ participation in the 2008 playoffs. I also said that they’d compete for the playoffs in 2007 but fall short. Also, back in March I predicted 90 wins for the Brewers…I was right there too.

Sometimes, it’s really good to be right!!




    Please proof read your posts before putting them on here, it looks really unprofessional. But Go Brewers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    FAN-tastic! The ’82 Crew’s season came down to their last game, too. Yount hit 2 HR’s in that game but we’ll settle for Braun’s one! This is definatley going to be our year. Tighten your seatbelts! It’s gonna be quite a ride! GO BREWERS. Bring it on Philly!


    Too bad this site reporting this awesome news is marred by the fact that one of your writers gave up on the Brewers a few weeks ago. The rest of us true, blue Brewer fans will be celebrating our first post-season trip while whoever looks through the other MLB team’s media guides looking for a new team.

    I live thousands of miles away from Milwaukee and the center of yesterday’s party, yet I found FSN WI on TV surrounded by flies in a dirty bar. That’s a Brewers fan… not a whiny blog post when things get tough.

  4. southsdrob is referring to me Rygg. This person has determined some weeks ago that I am a fair-weathered Brewer fan when I questioned this teams leadership. That is this person’s right like anyone. This person obviously has no idea who I am and how much emotion I’ve put into the Brewers and for how long which would be 35 years. Is it wrong to question players, managers, and coaches when you feel they can do better than they are currently doing? How many fans and how many times has every fan of any team uttered the words, “I give up” or “I quit” in the heat of the moment when things are going bad? If I had a nickle for every time I’ve heard Brewer fans say things like that every season, I would not have to do free stuff like talking about the Brewers, I would probably own the team by now. I must admit, this person has gotten to me which is pretty hard to do because I’d rather talk about how great it was to be at Miller Park with family and friends and for all of us to share that feeling that I haven’t felt since I was 15 years old (1982). Rygg, if its ok with you, I’d like to remain co-host of this blog. What would your thoughts be?

  5. bigrygg

    Your comments at the time you said them weren’t wrong, and therefore there is nothing to forgive or take back or anything.

    The team, in September, under Ned Yost, was performing terribly. The ship was sinking, the doors were falling off, and any other metaphor for collapse that you could’ve used was accurate. What’s more, the way that they were playing at the time was such that if they miracled their way into the post-season, an early exit was a near-certainty.

    Things changed a lot since you made that post. Yost was canned (finally…long overdue), Sveum got the boys to wake up, and now it feels like our momentum is ramping up at the perfect time.

    You are most definitely still the co-host of this blog and if it drives dmwiersema away as a reader, so be it. You’re one of the most passionate fans I know, and you were simply venting some frustration that day. It takes a bigger man to not simply delete those thoughts off the blog and act like you never posted them to begin with.

    It’s been 26 long years since we’ve had a chance to celebrate like this as fans. How about we all can the negativity until we can dissect who they choose to manage the club next year or what free agent moves they make or don’t make?

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