Resume’s Now Being Accepted

September is the time where manager’s make or break their opportunity to manage the following season. Now, in year’s past, Doug Melvin was always quick to give Ned Yost a vote of confidence when his teams failed in the 2nd half of the season and more specifically, in September (much like this season). With 3 million tickets sold, 70,000 awaiting to be selected as lottery winners for the 2008 post-season, countless fans investing in 20 packs for next season to have a guaranty of at least 1 post-season game, and last but certainly not least, Doug Melvin proclaiming to the world that we are “Going For It”.

With 2 weeks and 1 day left of the regular season, the ship is sinking again. All 3 phases of the game are slumping (offense, pitching, and defense). The best 8 are not starting anytime Bill Hall and/or Rickie Weeks are in the lineup. Manny Parra continues to be given the baseball every 5th game much like Yost gave Chris Capuano the ball last year for like 16 straight losses.

Besides Sabathia and Sheets, the other 3 starters are a combined 0-7 this month. Last year, Ned Yost used the excuse that his young player needed to “experience” the pressures of playing for the post-season. This season, to assist the young players, veterans with playoff experience were brought in (Kendall and Cameron). Yet, nothing changes.

Hitters don’t know how to either give-up their at-bats or take the ball to the opposite field. Players back in May or June used to be held accountable. Remember that? Yet, management and the hitting coach seem to be untouchable no matter how poor the things they are responsible for perform.

If they blow this (post-season spot), I’m done with this team (time-investment-wise). I’m not saying I’m a big spender on this team in comparison to other fans. I know Rygg and Sherbe spend a heck of a lot more money on tickets for the Brewers than I do. I’m talking about the time-investment following this team. I know I’m not alone. Some people question that kind of talk as being fair-weathered. That’s their opinion. The time spent away from family in order to follow a major league baseball team is valuable time taken away from the people we love. I, for one, cannot continue to do this year after year after year just to fall short. All of us have taken that 6 to 7 month sacrifice that last number of years.

Right now, most fans with the glass half full attitude and the belief that the Brewers will still make the playoffs are forgetting the fact that even if they manage to get in, the way they are playing right now, I woudn’t expect them to last more than getting swept 3 straight from any of the other playoff teams who are all playing with purpose.



    Brewers’ responses to the eventual firing of Ned Yost:

    “What too so long?” -Jeff Suppan
    “I don’t know why he kept insisting I was a ‘late-inning guy.'” -Eric Gagne
    “We play looser without a manager (as well as on the road)” -Corey Hart
    “I kind of liked him, but it was hard to hit with him breathing down my neck.” -Craig Counsell
    “Who is Ned Yost?” Guillermo Mota
    “I thought Ted Simmons was our manager…really…the guy who just stared out of the dugout…come on…are you messing with me?” -Gabe Kapler
    “I’ll never forget the life changing advice he gave me: ‘Give up meat Prince.'” -Prince Fielder
    “I think we should have platooned him and Ed Sedar.” -Bill Hall
    “I hope my new team next year doesn’t hire him.” C.C. Sabathia
    “I hope my new team next year doesn’t hire him.” Ben Sheets
    “I hope the Phillies don’t hire him.” -Geoff Jenkins (and the rest of Philidelphia)
    “Yosty had a tough season, but you gotta trust Yosty, he hung in there, Yosty Yosty Yosty.” – Brian Shousy
    “I could have used a few days off.” -Jason Kendall
    “Now neither of us have anything to do.” -Mike Rivera
    “Why am I here?” -Mike Lamb
    “He never lived up to his potential.” -Rickie Weeks
    “He was a complete disaster.” -Ryan Braun
    “I was way off the mark on this one.” -Derrick Turnbow
    “What are we going to do with all these Ned Yost Indecision Bobbleheads we ordered for next season?” -Miller Park Stadium Operations employee Matt Lehmann


    First of all..who wrote “Resume’s Now Being Accepted”? Not very cool to make such a bold statement and then not identify yourself. Second…….While you may have spent a great deal of time and energy on following and writing about the Brewers, please don’t insult us TRUE Brewer fans by suggesting that we follow your lead. You can do as you like, but true fans stick through the good AND the bad years. There is no law that says you have to devote all your time and energy to a team in order to be a fan. Fair weather fans are just that. Somehow I feel you will be the first one to sing their praises and the first to claim that you are a devoted fan when we do reach the post season.

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