New High-Water Mark; Reinforcements Coming

By: Big Rygg

As August comes to a close, the Milwaukee Brewers are sitting pretty in the catbird’s seat of the race for the National League’s Wild Card. The Brewers are also a season-high 24 games over .500, a mark they only eclipsed by 4 games at season’s end last year despite being as high as 14 games over multiple times.

As currently comprised, this teams is firing on all cylinders as it does it’s level best to chase down the Chicago Scrubs for the N.L. Central Division crown.

That leads me to my next bit of news, in that the 25 men currently kicking @$$ and taking names aren’t the only 25 men that have put on a Brewer uniform this season to take the field.

September 1st in baseball means roster expansions and the Brewers are taking advantage of it in a big way. Not only are some of the men that have helped us reach 80 wins before September 1st coming back, but they are bringing along some of the Brewers’ top prospects from it’s talent-rich AA Huntsville team.

Coming back for more action this season are pitchers Mitch Stetter, Tim Dillard and Mark DiFelice, infielder Joe Dillon and outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. On his way up for the first time in 2008 is catcher Vinny Rottino from AAA Nashville. Rottino was a September callup in 2007 as well.

But here is where is gets very interesting. The Brewers have also booked a flight for 1B Brad Nelson, SS Alcides Escobar, C Angel Salome and the recently-promoted-to-Nashville Mat Gamel.

Gamel has been considered to be the best offensive prospect in the club’s farm system (though admittedly he’s been scuffling a bit lately probably due to both fatigue and the fact that his lineup protection was traded to Cleveland’s farm system in the CC Sabathia trade) and Escobar is considered probably the best defensive prospect by a lot of people (though I still believe he needs a fair amount of work) despite his compiling of 20 errors at shortstop this year. Salome is a bit of a surprise to have been invited up in my opinion if for no other reason than they already are calling up Rottino. Believe me, I’m excited to see him and all the other callups in person (I chose five games of my 20-game pack this season in September), but I just didn’t expect Salome to be called up regardless of his leading the league in hitting at Huntsville.

Obviously no one should expect starts from these guys, but it’ll be interesting ot see what they can do as pinch hitters and possibly defensive replacements, etc.

So, just in case you want to have a nice, concise list:

  • Mark DiFelice (RHP)
  • Tim Dillard (RHP)
  • Alcides Escobar (SS)
  • Mat Gamel (3B)
  • Tony Gwynn Jr. (OF)
  • Brad Nelson (1B)
  • Vinny Rottino (C)
  • Angel Salome (C)
  • Mitch Stetter (LHP)

Any thoughts on who they called up? Any comments on being 24 games over .500? Come on, Brewer Nation, I know you’re out there…sound off!

One comment

  1. southsdrob

    I’m a tad concerned that Ned now has “too many toys” in his toy-box. It showed on Labor Day as he made two additional pitching moves than he would have made otherwise and two, I’m happy for Brad Nelson but pinch-hitting him before giving either Rivera or Counsell a chance to keep the game alive should have been the choice. Let all the kids play if we are up or down by a lot but keep them away in close games. Mitch Stetter came in and threw a slider 5 feet outside the plate which allowed the tying run to score. Joe Dillon pinch-hit and struck out. Tony Gwynn pinch hit and struck out. Brad Nelson pinch hit and grounded out. 4 call-ups saw action against the first place Mets in a close game! Have we already clinched the post-season? No. Until then, Ned needs to continue to play like he only has the same 25 guys.

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