Matt who?

By: Big Rygg

So back before the All-Star Break, the Milwaukee Brewers made a trade for a starting pitcher to help shore up one of the shakiest spots on the team, the starting rotation.

Included in that deal was a AA propsect named Matt…something or other. While I would say the majority of people viewed this deal as a positive, there were plenty of people that said it was a terrible move and that we’d regret it both now and in the future.

I hope those people aren’t calling into local radio shows nor posting on weblogs around the world because they’re too busy eating crow.

CC Sabathia is now 4-0 in four starts for Milwaukee, with another start coming up yet prior to the non-waiver trading deadline for Major League Baseball, which is honestly when most deals actually get done…the deadline day, July 31st, I mean. The Brewers will get a full five additional starts out of this trade by making the sweetest offer that the Indians were going to get as early as they made it.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again on this blog….I.M.W.T. (In Melvin We Trust)

Sabathia has three complete games in…let’s see…his last three starts (awesome!)

Sabathia threw 122, 110 and 106 pitches respectively in those complete games (fine, awesome and more awesome!)

Yeah, this Sabathia guy? He’s pretty good, isn’t he? Is there any Brewer fan out there that would rather we still had Matt LaPorta playing for Huntsville rather than Sabathia playing for Milwaukee?

The Crew is one game out of first place in the NL Central after tonight (assuming the grand slam that Chicago hit holds up), is over .500 on the road for the season, and has a four-game series coming up with Chicago at Miller Park from July 28-July 31.

Good God can baseball be exciting!

Let’s go Brewers!!!!




    We like your positive attitude! Not like some fair weather fans we know! Keep up the good work.

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