No, not Allen…

By: Big Rygg

“Ray Day” is a commonly known nickname for former Milwaukee Buck (and recent NBA Finals participant) Ray Allen. But as soon as the final out in San Francisco this evening settled into Rickie Weeks’ glove (securing the Brewers’ first three-game road sweep since the 2004 season along with Manny Parra’s 9th win of the season), Milwaukee received another man to call Ray:

Switch-hitting second baseman Ray Durham.

durham2008.jpgDurham, 36, was traded, officially, from the San Francisco Giants to the Milwaukee Brewers this evening for two minor league players (a single A outfielder from Brevard County and a left-handed pitcher from triple A Nashville).

What does this mean for Milwaukee? Quite simply it gives them another option to man the infield and also lead off the batting order. Durham is a career .277 hitter (.293 this year so far) with a a career on-base percentage of .352 (currently .385).

What’s more, though Durham is a switch-hitter, he still has splits that are fairly weighted. He handles right-handed pitcher (while hitting left-handed) at a .318 clip this year. Current starting second baseman Rickie Weeks handles left-handed pitching better than he handles righties too, so the splits scream platoon, at least for now.

Chances are very good that Joe Dillon will be heading to Nashville tonight while Durham takes his seat on the Brewers’ charter back to Milwaukee.

Short-term, this move makes sense in every respect. Long-term Ray Durham isn’t the answer, but this move most definitely makes the Brewers better and puts them in a better position to compete in 2008.

What do you think, Brewer Nation?

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    Yes , I agree with the trade but PLEASE trade for some bullpen help before its too late .

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