Brewers 7, Rockies 3 (CC Sabathia 1-0)

By: Big Rygg

Well the CC Sabathia era in Milwaukee has officially begun.


sabathia07092008.jpgTonight, in Milwaukee’s own Miller Park, the Milwaukee Brewers defeated the Colorado Rockies behind 6.0 innings of 3 run ball from Sabathia. Seeing as how only two of those runs were earned, Sabathia’s official NL stat line after one start is as follows:

1-0, 6.0 IP, 3.00 ERA, 3 R, 2 ER, 5 H, 5 BB, 5 K, 1.67 WHIP

Sabathia was uncharacteristically wild in his first start as a Brewer and was plenty emotional throughout the game. He loaded the bases twice which led to all three runs against him (one scored on a double-play ground out the other two on a double down the right-field line that might’ve been three runs has Ryan Spilborghs not strained an oblique muscle) but got out of jams after those runs scored.

In my educated (though nowhere near professional) opinion, Sabathia looked overly amped tonight. In all fairness to him though, there is a ton of expectation that comes along with this trade and how could you not get overly emotional when a sellout crowd of 42,533 fans is chanting your name even before you’d thrown your first pitch? (A strike, by the way.)

Having said that, Sabathia definitely showed his ability all over this game, but also showed that he’s human. By the way, the emotion that he showed after striking out Brad Hawpe was fantastic! This has the opportunity to go down as a historic trade when it’s all said and done, but for now, either way, this is going to be an excellent ride!

I’m going to the game tomorrow night too (which was a part of my 20-game pack this season anyway) so I’ll see the Brewers’ two-headed ace in back-to-back games. Talk about a fun 48 hours!



    The two -day ride was fun until Chi Cubbies signed Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin from Oakland . Man I wish the Brewers would have tried to undercut them considering theyv’e been talking about it for three weeks and the Brew Crew has a ton of better talent to offer than Chi Cubs . I know Da Crew isnt done trading yet but we’ll see if it ends up anyone with any significance . I know they are looking at Ray Durham for an x-tra hitter but i’d love to see them go after Lincecum also , even if its a steep price .

  2. bigrygg

    I think a lot of people are over-stating how much of a difference Harden will make for the Scrubs. He’s a good pitcher, but I just don’t think he’ll matter too much in the end.

    I’m thinking that Gaudin will make more of a difference because now Piniella won’t have to try to make Marmol’s arm literally fall off. He might still try, but he might not have to is my point.

    Then again, we’ve already seen what CC can do when he’s not at the top of his game. There’s no telling how Harden and/or Gaudin might implode in the National League or with pressure on their shoulders.

    And there’s always the Harden Injury Watch to consider…

  3. southsdrob

    Not to mention Harden’s last two starts were less than impressive which may be why Oakland decided now is the time to unload him. Oakland’s is still very much alive for the post-season so there might be something Oakland didn’t share with Chicago. I wouldn’t be shocked if there already is some sort of problem be it with his mechanics etc…

    Also, I did not hear of any physicals taken by any of the players involved. Billy Bean doesn’t just dump players he thinks can help them get to the post-season.

    Stay tuned.

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