Congratulations to Braun and Sheets!

By: Big Rygg

Ladies and gentlemen…boys and girls…children of all ages! Major League Baseball proudly brings to you its 2008 MILWAUKEE BREWERS ALL-STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRSS!!!!!!


Congrats to them and to you, Brewer Nation, for voting Ryan Braun is as a starter!!!!

(For the record, I’d have had this posted a lot sooner but I was at the ballgame today for the sweep.)

The final tally for Braun saw him receive 3,835,890 votes!!! That was enough to make him the overall #1 starter in the NL outfield. In fact, he was second in total votes in the NL to only 2B Chase Utley (3,889,602).

* I removed reference to knocking Fukudome out of the starting lineup (thank you to the comments). I hadn’t yet watched the All-Star selection show when I originally wrote this and made the assumption that the man right in front of Braun was the one he caught.

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