I thought we traded this guy a few years ago…

By: Big Rygg

Wasn’t there a guy on the Milwaukee Brewers a few years back that we traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks? I think we got, like, six players for him or something like that…

Sounds familiar…let’s see, I think it was Junior Spivey, Craig Counsell, Jorge De La Rosa, Chad Moeller-cycle, Chris Capuano and Lyle Overbay (that’s six, right?). Yeah, we’ve spun a few of those guys off in the years since and released another. Only Chris Capuano is still with the team, but that trade happened, right?

That guy is currently hitting in the teen-range of the .200s with nine home runs, 60+ strikeouts, 20 something RBIs. He also beats the snot out of southpaw pitchers and sucks hard against righties.

We traded that guy, right?

Then why do I see him on the Milwaukee Brewers’ 25-man roster right now?



Confused? Allow me to clarify…

A buddy of mine at work is a Seattle Mariners fan. I feel bad for him too. When I see news about the Mariners on the internet, I’ll pass him along a link from time to time. I broke him the news about Bill Bavasi’s firing which he was ecstatic about. “About (EXPLETIVE DELTED) time.” was his response.

I saw an article today about one Richmond Lockwood Sexson and the fact that he might simply be cut by the Mariners and their new GM. He’s in the last season of his contract anyway and since he’s played fairly horribly for them over the past two seasons, he isn’t going to be resigned. Also, since he’s playing terribly this year so far, nobody is going to give the Mariners anything in trade at this point.

Well, in that article over about our affiliate site MLB.com (maybe you’ve heard of it), there was some dialogue about his statistics to this point in the year. He said “man, those sound familiar”. He checked into the Brewers players’ statistics and lo and behold but who does he find on the Brewer roster? Richie Sexson masquerading as a part-time third baseman!!! He’s slouching about 8 inches, and somehow hiding about 60 lbs, but that’s him!

Shocked? My friend is out of his mind? Here’s the stat line comparison for 2008:

Sexson: 201 ABs, 44 H, .219 AVG, .295 OBP, 21 R, 9 HR, 23 RBI, 22 BB, 65 K
Hall: 213 ABs, 46 H, .216 AVG, .285 OBP, 22 R, 9 HR, 25 RBI, 18 BB, 60 K

Need more convincing that it’s a Sexson in Hall clothing? Here are the righty-lefty splits for 2008:

Sexson (vs. lefties): 43 AB, 15 H, .349 AVG, .417 OBP, 3 HR, 6 RBI, 9 K
Hall (vs. lefties): 60 AB, 22 H, .367 AVG, .435 OBP, 3 HR, 8 RBI, 13 K

Sexson (vs. righties): 158 AB, 29 H, .184 AVG, .261 OBP, 6 HR, 17 RBI, 56 K
Hall (vs. righties): 153 AB, 24 H, .157 AVG, .223 OBP, 6 HR, 17 RBI, 47 K

That’s eerie folks.

But allow me to get back to the onus of this post…Sexson might be cut outright by the Seattle Mariners, the team with the worst record in the majors. The team with the worst record in the majors and nothing really to gain by cutting Sexson might swallow the remainder of his contract and just cut bait. Oh, and before you think they have some top prospect knocking on the door at AAA? Their starting catcher Kenji Johjima has been taking ground balls at first base.

And yet…here the Milwaukee Brewers sit with one William Hall on their roster. Believe me, Hall has more value than Sexson does as he can play 3B, SS, 2B, CF and probably 1B and either corner OF spot in a pinch. He has his share of errors, but Bill Hall is no Jose Oquendo, okay?

But is the offensive deficiency enough to warrant some sort of off-the-wall move like the Mariners are considering with Sexson?

Personally, I’m a Brewer supporter and that includes the players as individuals. I think Hall offers more to us on our roster than off of it, but I’m putting the question out there to Brewer Nation to get your thoughts on it.

Should the Brewers follow suit (assuming the Mariners go through with it) and cut Bill Hall from the roster outright?


  1. jebuscubs

    Now that Billy has shut his mouth and perhaps understands that he doesn’t deserve his every day job, I’m okay with him coming in as a defensive sub and starting against lefties. If he’s causing trouble like he did two weeks ago, he can take a hike, but until then, he’s valuable enough and perhaps could increase his trade value enough to get something reasonable in return.

  2. southsdrob

    I can’t see it. Like managers, general manager’s have big ego’s too (ala Ron Wolf). Melvin signed this multi-year deal with Billy and I don’t see him turning his back on him. The Sexson situation is different in that the current GM in place had nothing to do with Sexson’s deal so he doesn’t have to defend a signing he never made…

  3. jebuscubs

    I agree whole heartedly. However, if Gamel really improves his defense, don’t be surprised to see Hall get moved after next season. As long as he’s looked at as a super utility player, he’s going to be valuable to this squad, though he will be one of the highest paid utility players out there.

  4. mluedtke001@new.rr.com

    I said this 2 years ago when supposedly Bill Hall was having a MVP year. He is only as good as the job he is trying to win. When he gets comfortable he becomes and idiot. That year he was hustling and doing all the little things until he got the full time shortstop job when Hardy went down. I’ll never forget the first game I saw it, when he was called on a third called strike and dropped his bat and left it at home plate and walked back to the dugout. Yost did the right thing and benched him the next game and he came back and was hustling and doing the little things again, but it only lasted a couple weeks. For having a so called MVP year that year he sure did K alot. We need guys that get on base for Braun, Fielder and Hart. Bring up Michael Brantley to prove our point.

  5. bpvsev@yahoo.com

    What about Craig Counsell still being with the team??  Can’t forget about him! He’s been playing great the past week.  As for Bill Hall…………I say if he wants out, then let him out.  His attitude of late has not been as a team player.  He has an ego problem and inability to share the position when it is in the best interest of the team.  While players work to achieve personal success, it must be done within the concept of being a team player, not an indiviual with a team around to support HIM.  It HAS to, in some way, play against the cohesiveness of the team on and off the field. Personally, I think too much media attention placed on Hall and his mother.  Multiple interviews with Mom during the pink ribbon / pink bat game…..repeat after repeat of the home run the last time this game was played. All that attention seems to have affected his ability to reason and realize what a great team he is with. What makes a player who has been treated fairly (good contract, playing time) want to bail? Just because his performance was less than expected and the decision was made to bench him and bring up someone to help the 3rd base postition and offense? Sounds more like he is pouting, rather than facing the problems head on and making it right. Right now 3rd base is in great shape.  Sharp infielder in place, not to mention the ability to hit the ball and have common sense when on base as well. If Billy’s attitude continues the way it has been, he won’t have to ASK to leave.

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