Rosenthal suggests Rickie Weeks For Brian Roberts ???

by South Side Rob

Before anybody races to go on jsonline or the radio or Sportscenter, let me point out that this is something that was SUGGESTED by Fox writer Ken Rosenthal. If you click on Ken’s name,  it will take you to his column and if you read about half way down, it says Make this trade! Rosenthal also said in his column that he spotted 2 Brewer scouts in attendance recently.

This really could be anything and to tell you the truth, at first, my thought was no way. Sparky interviewed him on the radio this morning to talk about his column. Rosenthal even suggested that this may be to scout Roberts and/or possibly starting pitcher Daniel Cabrera who, has a high ceiling with talent but cannot throw strikes on a consistent basis.

It was reported that Roberts’ contract does not expire until the end of the 2009 season which really makes the deal more interesting since Roberts is a proven lead off hitter that is also a switch hitter which brings another left-handed bat into the everyday lineup to balance the lineup a bit.

Another factor is the age difference. Brian Roberts is 30 while Weeks in only 25. That’s not too bad if you ask me. Also, when Weeks struggled down in the minors, he fixed whatever problems he had offensively and this year, we have seen a marked improvement on the field. The only problem with Weeks is that he appears to be regressing offensively. Can the Brewers afford to wait for Weeks to turn it around if they are seriously making a post-season push?

We might not have enough time to wait. If I was Doug Melvin, I’d give this some serious thoughts especially since the Cubs threw just about everything at the Orioles this off-season to obtain Roberts. There’s nothing nicer than trumping the Cubs.

I’ve also heard and/or read that the Cubs could be looking into obtaining another starting pitcher which the Brewers also need. The names that have come up are A.J. Burnett from Toronto and Randy Wolf from the Padres. If the Brewers could beat them to the punch, I’d only want to steal away Burnett and leave Wolf for the Cubs. Name a left-handed starter from the NL Central who is having a great or even good year? The ballparks in the NL Central are custom made for right-handed hitters especially Cincinnati and Chicago. If the Cubs want to pick up Wolf, they would be making a huge mistake in my opinion.

A.J. Burnett has had a ton of injury issues in the last few years so I hope the Brewers proceed with caution. He’s healthy this season but he has spent plenty of time on the disabled list.

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