Prince is Peeved…But Should He Be?

By: Big Rygg

A lot has been made in the last couple of days about Prince Fielder’s comments to the media regarding his contract renewal for the 2008 baseball fiscal year. There are several ways to look at this issue, some of which I’ll spell out with comments. What I’d like you to do, is tell me where your thoughts lie (even if it’s somewhere not in a way that I listed) and explain why.

It would be nice, of course, if Fielder could share the attitudes of the other two players that were renewed this year (and actually his own public attitude prior to 2007) in that it’s all part of the business, and you have to respect how the Brewers have decided to handle it because it’s their situation to handle. Oh, and the "no hard feelings" aspect shared by Corey Hart and Ryan Braun wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Prince needs to shut the **** up
    • This line of thought is characterized by two schools of thought. First, that all players are overpaid crybabies that should just bite their tongues because they are being paid a TON of money to play a game. Second, and perhaps more appropriate to the Prince Fielder situation, is that the Milwaukee Brewers (read: Doug Melvin) have a system in place that treats everybody the same. It takes emotion, personalities, allegiances, etc out of the equation and increases a non-arbitration-eligible player’s salary a certain predetermined amount per year. Melvin has said that they always use it and it’s the way they do things. Therefore, Prince doesn’t deserve special treatment so he needs to hush.
  • Prince doesn’t deserve more money
    • This thought process baffles me, but I’m sure there are some out there that would think Fielder hasn’t done enough to warrant any increase in salary.
  • Prince may deserve more, but he should know that he won’t get more in 2008, and (more importantly?) should understand why he won’t
    • It’s the same system that all of his teammates are under (assuming they didn’t sign any special long-term contracts) so he should understand the team’s position. If they break the mold for him, where does it stop? They need to stay consistent. The pay scale is what the pay scale is.
  • Prince is the type of player that you break the mold for
    • You pay your premiere player enough to keep him happy, regardless of what a pay scale says. Fielder needs to be happy, period.
  • The Brewers should scrap their tried and true system because all it does it keep salaries low and tick off the star players; Prince Fielder should have been where that trend was bucked
    • Plainly and simply, the Brewers spend more money now than when Doug Melvin was hired and installed this pay scale system. They can afford to spend more money because they are making more money and because they have an ownership group headed up by a man who understands the concept of spending money to make money. Who better to kick off the next era than Prince "I just hit 50 home runs and I’m only 23 years old" Fielder? The real danger here is that once the current system is scrapped, anybody who has been paid prior might feel put off by the fact that they weren’t special enough to change the way things were done, and they missed out on some money. The other danger is that payroll gets pretty high pretty fast, especially with the amount of young talent both on the team currently and in the minors.

So, Brewer Nation…what are your thoughts?


  1. Steve

    From an economic standpoint, Prince deserves whatever the going rate for a 23 year old, 50 homerun guy is by league standards.
    His public demeanor of being pissed off is bummer number 2 this spring. That kind of attitude has gotta hurt a team in the invisible intangible ways.

    And Gallardo getting hurt makes the spring a total dissapointment so far.

    But, it is what it is and we’ll have to make the most of a bad situation.

    Wasn’t there a way to avoid a pissed off Fielder. Like, couldn’t the Brewers have offerred Fielder a long term deal right now if that is what he wanted? They’re gonna offer him one eventually, anyway?

    These little moves or lack of moves get shoved under the radar as insignificant, but they leave a bad taste in my mouth…..especially when I recall Cooper running over to the seats and hugging Selig after clinching either the East or the American League….All in all, I would have to say that somebody goofed yesterday….whether it was Boras or Fielder or Brewer management or all of the above, I don’t know….but bad timing when a team is preparing for a pennant run season.

  2. Rob

    Prince can scream to the heavens about how unfair a professional baseball player is paid in their 3rd year.

    As long as his play is not affected, he can complain about everything. The way I see it, I hate how my employer has paid me. As such, I can do two things about it. I can just continue to complain about it or, I can pick up my performance where they will have no choice but to pay me more, or, perhaps lose me to the competition.

    So Prince is angry. So what. Did he say anything negative when he got a 7-figure signing bonus out of high school? I didn’t think so.


    Here’s my stance on the issue:

    Yes the Brewers should of offered him a little more money but Fielder should not have told the media he is upset with his renewal. Keep it in house.

    It also seems to me that his Scott Boras has gotten him to buy into the “show me the money” philosophy when last season Fielder had no problem with the renewal.

    Fielder is only 23 he has plenty of time to make money. All I hope now is that his rift with the Brewers doens’t effect his play


    Prince has no right to be mad or upset. He has the most money grubbing Agent in the game, Scott Boras whom is going to make him a very rich man where ever in a couple of years. With time will come money. Prince I know you are a good offensive player now and with time could prove to be a great all around player, but that must be earned. The Brewers were right in not making you sign a 3yr-30 million dollar contract because you know **** well you woudl be gone after that. If this isn’t anymore incentive for Prince to hit 70 bombs this year and next to get that max deal, I dont know what is. Kudos to Melvin, the Brewers wont be able to afford Prince in the future. Lock up our young pitching, Braun, JJ, and Rickie if we cant keep him that is the future of this team. I am not putting all my faith in LaPorta but we do have a decent back up plan if we lose Price to free-agency or via trade.

    Kyle in Tosa

    Rob I have a couple of topics I want to open up, email address


    Prince has every right to want more money. Yes, the Brewers have some players who hit well (Braun, Hall, Hart, Cameron), but Fielder is by far the best bat on the team– 50 HR last season! Ryan Howard only hit 47…

    The management needs to reconsider their pay scale; if the Brewers want to contend for the NL Championship and, if they have a phenomenal season, the World Series, they desperately need to keep Fielder on the roster. After watching Fielder during the ’07 season, you could just tell that his presence on the team motivated his fellow team mates. He’s a crucial part off the organization and needs to stay in it for the long haul.


    Prince not only should shut the **** up, he should watch over his shoulder for the 100 MLB ballplayers that are in the league and overpaid because of their major league service and the deal that their union provides for them. If Prince wants to whine and complain, complain to his union and have them give him the money that I believe he rightfully deserves from stiffs that are in the league getting paid enormous amounts of money due to the system they helped create. Don’t complain about the Brewers, Prince and definetly don’t let this fan hear it, who has to pay an extra $200 for his family of 4 for their 4 pack this year because prices all around the grounds of Miller Park have gone up!!!

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