Buying and Selling

by South Side Rob

Do you "buy" into the following thoughts or, do you "sell" this as being false in your opinion. I understand that this may be a common segment on the TV show "Around the Horn". This is not an attempt at plagiarism, I just don’t know of another way to explain what I am trying to compile from the Brewer Nation.

  1. Do you feel the Brewers will be improved over the 2007 team, buy or sell and why.
  2. The Cubs feel that signing Japanese player Kosuke Fukudome will produce more offense than Jacque Jones was able to produce in 2007, buy or sell and why.
  3. The Cubs have announced that Ryan Dempster will be part of the starting rotation this season instead of being the closer. Does this make the Cubs’ rotation better, buy or sell and why.
  4. With Dempster’s move to the rotation, it appears the closers job will go to Carlos Marmol. Will he be better at closing than Ryan Dempster was, buy or sell and why.
  5. Cincinnati will be better in 2008 simply because they now have an established closer in Francisco Cordero, buy or sell and why.
  6. The NL Central will be a 2-team race, Chicago and Milwaukee, buy or sell and why.
  7. The St. Louis Cardinals should be favorites for finishing in last place in this year’s NL Central, buy or sell and why.
  8. With Erik Bedard traded to the Mariners, the Orioles will now trade 2nd basemen Brian Roberts to the Cubs, buy or sell and why.
  9. Ned Yost will stay with a consistent lineup for most of the first month of the season regardless of the results, buy or sell and why.
  10. If a friend of yours gives you a topic of discussion, even if its far-fetched, it should be okay to be posted on this blog and we should not have to reveal our sources, buy or sell and why.

I will post my answers in the comment section like everyone else. Thank you for your participation. In closing, never be afraid to email me South Side Rob if you have an idea for a column in the Nation. Guest articles are always welcome. This is a Brewer community. Sometimes, Rygg and myself are fresh out of new ideas to discuss and could always use the help of others. Thanks once again for making this blog one of the most active blogs in cyberspace…


  1. Rob

    1. I’m selling. I want to believe we’ll be better, I just can’t. I can’t think that Cameron will improve this team over a dose of Jenkins and Mench from 2007.

    2. I’m selling this too. Jacque Jones, offensively was a big reason for the Cubs winning the NL Central last season. This Fukudome has power but often slumps. The major-leagues will be too hard for him. He couldn’t even handle the World Baseball Classic.

    3. Selling again. Dempster does not throw hard and has little movement on all of his pitches. Dempster is much like Jason Marquis.

    4. I will buy this, although Marmol will be a lot like Turnbow was in the fact that if he gets ahead in the count, he will be lights out but if he can’t throw strikes, he will implode on his share of opportunities.

    5. I’ll buy this. This team blew a bunch of games because either Weathers or Coffey couldn’t nail down games. Yeah, they traded Josh Hamilton but they still have enough offensively.

    6. I’ll buy. After the Cubs and Brewers, I say the Astros and Reds needed much more than they took care of this off-season.

    7. I’m buying this big time. Rick Ankeil in center field should be entertaining. Watching Tony LaRussa fold like a cheap suit will be enjoyable to witness.

    8. I’m buying. They lose Mark DeRosa so much that they found out taking a part-time player and making him a full-time player did not work. They get Roberts, they get an established every-day 2nd basemen and return DeRosa to the super utility role which will make the Cubs much better than last season.

    9. Sell. Sell. Sell. I want to think Yost hanging around Ted Simmons will make him smarter but I can’t believe he won’t do his share of tinkering…

    10. I’m buying. I upset a friend of mine who I will not name. I felt bad about it caus he gave me some good banter to consider. Most people who responded seemed like they took it personally. If somebody gives me something baseball-related although far-fetched, I say, put it up on the board and let the readers decide for themselves.


    1. Buy. It’s not about who the Brewers got that will make them better but the experience that they’ve gained learning the pitchers of the NL Central and in the field. If the bullpen is just as good as last year, then we get this team a Wild Card bid, perhaps a Division.

    2. Buy. Jones only batted .285/.335/.400 last year. While he came on during the end of the year, his power numbers and on base are hideous. Fukudome will get on base a ton more and slug much better.

    3. Sell. Dempster = Dumpster. He doesn’t have the arm strength or consistency to make those guys better off.

    4. Buy buy buy. Marmol has ten times the stuff Dempster has, with better movement and velocity. If he can keep the mental game on level, he’ll be a stud.

    5. Sell. Expect some kind of drop off from CoCo this year. A closer wasn’t their problem last year, it was the entire bullpen.

    6. Buy. The Astros and Cardinals are washed up nobodies, but Pujols will still carry quite a load. The Reds need another year to get their young talent ready.

    7. Sell. Albert Pujols…

    8. Buy. The Orioles are tossing pay roll and Brian Roberts is gonna get paid next season during his final year of arbitration.

    9. Sell. It’s Yost. Even when he had guys who were performing he switched them out. Let’s just hope Ted Simmons rings his neck or he breaks his leg or something so Teddy can take over the team.

    10. Buy. Everything’s fair game. It’s a blog. If they want to take credit for it after the fact, edit it in. It’s not a big deal, or have them make a comment.

    And if you want a guest blogger or even someone more consistent, don’t be afraid to drop me a line. Maybe we can set something up. We often have different opinions, but I think that contrast provides a lot and gives people more reasons to sound off. My email is on my blog at the Brew Crew Pub.

  3. Steve

    Commenting on whether the Brewers will be improved over last year…I think the low risk signing of Cameron is the big change in this years team….resulting in Hall returning to the infield and Braun backpeddling into left…Personally, I like the change….Melvin’s got balls to re-arrange the defense like that…The defense will improve…the starting pitching will improve…..

    The big risk is in the bullpen…Many if’s….but again…I like what Melvin brought in considering what was available…Riske, Mota, Torres, Gagne…something is bound to work…

    Oh yeh…and about guest writers or topic suggestions on the site…Absolutely! This is not a gated community MLB site…Let all baseball and Brewer topics exist here..


    Here is the thing. The Brewer’s in my respects have upgraded their roster in experience rather than talent. The real “core” players that got them to where the were last year (in first place most of the year) are back and only going to improve and produce. What Doug Melvin has done is not upgrade talent wise nor did he down grade, but he got rid of a lot of the inexperience MLB players and got back almost equal talent but with more experience. The only place I don’t think we “upgraded” in talent which would then wash out with experience is in the closer role. Otherwise our bullpen minus Gange, which we don’t know what we are going to get from him, is in fact a serious upgrade from last year. Again emphasizing the experience, not talent that we brought in. We will not have the spazz outs from one Matt Wise or have McClung trying to come in with 2 on 1 out in the 8th, not exploting their talents but where last year we exploited there weakness which is, mentality. That is how you get a guy who throws 95-98 in the first place for nothing. i.e. McClung, Turnbow etc. Putting those guys in situatuions where they can succeed is the key to being a good manager, and bringing in the guys who will succeed in sitituions is the key of being a good GM. Doug Melvin did not significantly upgrade the roster talent wise but he brought guys in who CAN succeed in the 7,8,9 innings or so have shown it before. Now as for the rest of the division, the Reds have upgraded there bullpen by adding Cordero, but you have to have a lead in the 9th to use his talents, will they? No, there middle relief is below average and beyond Harrang it’s consistantly hard to rely on starting pitchers who are suspect and an offense who rely’s a lot on the homerun ball. I do see a lot of improvement in the top of there lineup. My prediction 3rd place. 76-84

    The Cubs, the back end of that rotation will tell everything for the cubs. They have a solid lineup, maybe the toughest 3,4,5 depending where Soriano bats in the NL, but Ryan Dempster as their 4th? Seriously the guy is older than Jesse Orosco. If they get Brian Roberts all they get is an declining second baseman and even worse a bat at the plate since he is not taking th roids anymore. I like the front end of that rotation and have a lot of respect for Marmol. Cubs will be tough especially with a great leader of Sweet Lou. Second: WILD CARD WINNER My Prediction 86-76

    The Crew, I am a little bias but I think this is the year for the Brewers if we do not play the choke card again. Our leadoff hitter needs to have the season he was projected to have when he came to the minors and will if he stays healthy. If Braun and Fielder combine for 85-90 HR and 230 RBI we are on our way. Hart is as solid as they come on both sides of the ball. Here is the key, with all the right handed sticks in the lineup and the right handed dominance arms of the NL central is this going to effect our hitting as a team? I was talking to south side rob and he brought up a great point as well, the move to Ryan Braun to left, will he be abel to find the cut-off man everytime. I say yes and it’s time to break out the champagne this year Brewer’s fans, see you in October. 89-73

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