Season low…in a few ways

(for the record, this is being started at 10:37am on Sunday, September 3rd)

Ladies and gentlemen of the Brewer Nation, you’ve been had! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Run amok! We didn’t land on inconsistency…inconsistency landed on us!

Let’s get this out of the way…….season low 11 games below .500 at 62-73….season long losing streak now standing at 9 games (and counting?)

I know that it’s been a LONG time since I have posted to this weblog. For that, I shouldn’t be the one apologizing, but I will. Kind of a long story behind it all.

Regardless, I attended last night’s Brewers/Marlins game and felt compelled to post again. It’s the first game that I’ve attended since late July (against the Reds…the one where Turnbow actually saved the game), and I’ve got to tell you that the Brewer faithful is beginning to get restless.

They were quick to boo those that deserved it (Jose Capellan for example) but still showed love and support to anybody until they proved they deserved otherwise. While not nearly as loud as it used to be, the fans even still cheered when Turnbow came out to pitch.

What I didn’t understand, however, were some of the moves that Yost made in this game. For instance, he brought in Francisco Cordero when the game was tied in the 8th inning….the 8TH!! I understand the desire to keep it tied if at all possible, but why not save him in case we get ahead in the bottom of the 8th, and/or to pitch the ninth to keep the Marlins in check at that point?

And what I also don’t get is Yost’s managerial style the past few games. Bringing in your best bullpen pitcher early is one thing, but pulling a pitcher mid-AB because he went 2-0 on a guy? Makes sense if you’re trying to win ballgames, but we were 10 under (now 11). Where was this type of urgency out of Yost 50 games ago? 15 games ago? Even 8 games ago when we were 3 games under .500 at 62-65 and only 4.5 out of the wild card?

Do you all realize that had we swept the Marlins in Florida that long weekend, that we would have been right at the top of the wild card standings by the end of that series? The Reds got swept by San Francisco that same weekend.

For too long, it has felt like Yost is only trying not to lose ballgames and hope something happens by accident that allows for the win. That kind of attitude isn’t going to accomplish what should be his goal of reaching the post season.

Anybody got thoughts on that one?

Here’s another thing for you all to leave your opinions about….here’s what would be my opening day lineup next season (assuming everybody gets healthy during the off season which begins for the Brewers promptly on October 2nd):

1. Tony Gwynn Jr. – CF
2. J.J. Hardy – SS
3. Rickie Weeks – 2B
4. Prince Fielder – 1B
5. Bill Hall – 3B
6. Corey Hart – RF
7. PREFERABLY A FREE AGENT PICKUP – LF – But if not, then Gabe Gross
8. C (I don’t know if Damian has another productive year in him…I sure hope so, but I’m being realistic. I think Rivera could be our main catcher next year and that would be okay)
9. Ben Sheets – P

My bench is: Laynce Nix, Jeff Cirillo , Corey Koskie, a backup non-Moeller catcher, Vinny Rottino

Starting rotation: Sheets, Chris Capuano, Carlos Villanueva, Tomo Ohka (if they can resign him for reasonable money), a non-Davis pitcher who steps it up (Zach Jackson? Dave Bush?)

Bullpen: Francisco Cordero, Jose Capellan, Derrick Turnbow, Matt Wise, which ever starter doesn’t make the rotation to pitch long relief and spot start, new face, new face

Anybody else have ideas? I’ll post again toward the end of the season about this (when I have time to do proper research) about upcoming free agents and who I’d like to see the Brewers persue.

As always, your thoughts and comments are appreciated.


  1. Rob

    I noticed you don’t have Geoff Jenkins or Brady Clark on the roster which is okay except that they are owed over 11 million combined next season. If the Brewers cannot trade these two and they landup on the opening day roster, that proves to me this organization is not serious about winning (At least, not yet).

    I would say bye-bye to Davis, Ohka, and Miller who I believe are all in the last year of their deals this year.

    I also believe that Billy Hall will be traded in the off-season.

    Ryan Braun (less the defensive miscues) is showing that he will be major-league ready by next year’s All-Star break.

    Hall does not have a position. He will get a nice raise in arbitration and he can be dangled to another organizations with a starting spot somewhere in the infield.

    This young team is in desperate need for speed. I like the thought that Gwynn could be our everyday center fielder but I don’t like the way the Brewers have handled him this year and I don’t like what I’m reading about his practice habits.

    The Marlins over the last week showed that you can win with a young team as long as you can become a menace on the basepaths. The Marlins have Ramirez (44 SB), Amezaga (14 SB), Cabrera (8 SB), Uggla (6 SB), and Abercrombie (6 SB).

    The Brewers were led by Weeks with 19 (But he’s out for the year) and Carlos Lee with 12 (who since has been dealt). After those two, Billy Hall has 7, Fielder with 5, and Hart with 5.

    Putting players on the move opens up holes in the infield for groundballs to reach the outfield. This team NEEDS TO PLAY STATION-TO-STATION BASEBALL NEXT SEASON.

    They don’t have enough power to just play the longball and they don’t hit or bunt well enough to manufacture runs.

    They are what they are. With Weeks and Gwynn in the lineup, we would be off to a good start. One more starting player with speed would make games more enjoyable to watch.

    I believe Cirillo will retire after the season. I also think they should consider bringing back Graffanino. He can play all 4 infield positions and has shown to be a solid professional baseball player.

    As far as the rotation, it should be Free Agent, Sheets, Capuano, Bush, and Villanueva. The Brewers HAVE TO get a top-flight starter this off-season. I’m still hopeful that the Brewers could lure Barry Zito to Milwaukee. They have the money to sign him now that Carlos Lee did not want the 51 million that Milwaukee offered him.


    We all have the players that we’re ready to give up on. I say keep Bill Hall and make him our regular SS. We cut out losses with JJ Hardy. Keep Koskie as an everyday thridbaseman. I don’t think that Jenkins or Clark are done. Put Jenkins back in left where he plays better, no reason to keep him in right now that Lee is gone. I was excited about getting Kevin Mench, but he’s just a good backup, might as well trade him. Rickie Weeks has the speed and power that are good fits for hitting leadoff, but he’s too stupid, strikes out too much, and doesn’t walk nearly enough. My lineup…

    CF – Clark

    2B – Weeks

    1B – Fielder

    SS – Hall

    3B – Koskie

    RF – Hart

    LF – Jenkins

    C – Rivera


    IF – Graffanino

    OF – Nix

    OF – Gross

    IF – Cirillo (I hope he comes back)

    Util – Rottino






    marquis trade or free agent


    CL – Cordero

    SU – Shouse

    SU – Turnbow

    MR – Kolb

    MR – Wise

    LR – Jackson

    LR – Villanueva

    So the two people I think we need to go after, are a high end starter, and maybe a big bat for rightfield. Just like Rob said, we have the money now. Maybe after getting a taste of a good team last year and the disappointment of underacheiving this year will help Mr. Attanasio open his checkbook even further.


    Anyone else catch the “vote of confidence” in Ned Yost by Melvin? Is it just me, or does it seem like everytime one of those “votes” gets cast, that team is really looking for a new manager?

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