Offensive Numbers Offensive ???

Some of our readers have been a little sensitive to the fact that I may be picking on a few players such as Bill Hall. I appreciate everybody who contributes to this blog whether I agree with their opinion or not. When there is a disagreement with one of our readers, the least I can do is back up my argument with numbers that either support or disprove my argument. Past debates have shown I’ve proved myself right and wrong which is very hard to admit.

Anyway, looking at the numbers of the Brewer hitters, we all know the strikeout numbers are too high. It has been my argument that failure to put the ball in play has cost this team wins.

The following chart shows each players year-to-date stats. I’m just looking at At bats, hits, strikeouts, batting average, on-base percentage, and strikeout percentage.

Brewers Hitting As Of July 18th, 2006
Carlos Lee 360 105 38 .292 .355 .106
Prince Fielder 349 98 81 .281 .331 .232
Geoff Jenkins 342 91 95 .266 .337 .278
Rickie Weeks 341 96 87 .282 .362 .255
Bill Hall 312 82 95 .263 .311 .304
Brady Clark 258 72 34 .279 .381 .132
Corey Koskie 257 67 58 .261 .343 .226
Damian Miller 232 60 56 .259 .322 .241
Jeff Cirillo 143 47 21 .329 .396 .147
Gabe Gross 131 34 36 .260 .361 .275
Chad Moeller 98 18 26 .184 .231 .265
Corey Hart 51 17 11 .333 .393 .216
Chris Barnwell 19 2 5 .105 .150 .263
Mike Rivera 13 4 2 .308 .400 .154
Anthony Gwynn 2 0 0 .000 .000 .000

As you can see, this is a HUGE problem! You have 5 players, 2 of which play everday who have more strikeouts than hits. 2 players (Barnwell and Moeller) have a higher strikeout percentage than the ability to reach base albeit both hitters have very few at-bats.

Readers have asked me to layoff Bill Hall even though his batting average is .263 and his strikeout percentage (strikeouts divided by at-bats) is .304 which leads the team. His on-base percentage is only 7 percentage points above his strikeout percentage.

We all want to believe we can stay in contention. Yet, when we look at the numbers above, it’s impossible to consider us as serious threats when we continue to walk back to the dugout after going down on strikes.

There is no stat for batters who only see three pitches and strikeout, do me a favor and pay closer attention to our approach at the plate and it will alarm you as to how many times this actually happens. So many times we make average or bad pitchers look like Nolan Ryan!

Some people will say, "We are a all or nothing offense". I believe that we don’t have to take that approach. Back in 1982, Harvey’s Wallbangers parked its share of dingers but we had players who hit for average, got on base, and went station to station. Our pitching wasn’t dominant, yet, we made it to the series. This offense is good enough to contend if they could just protect the plate better and cut down the strikeouts.

Your comments are always welcome…

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    Thank you. I am grateful that somebody besides me seems to notice the offensive failures of Hall and Jenkins in particular. I say that Jenkins and Hall are prime targets, and for some reason many fans consider these two the darlings of the team and grant them sacred cow status. The Brewers are a good team and they have many good players. But, it is also a business that puts forth a product. And that product is a WINNING team. Too often, in Milwaukee especially, fans and management fall in love with players and stick with them no matter what. Geoff Jenkins is our third hitter. Derrick Turnbow is our closer. A winning ballclub needs to have a “what have you done for me lately attitude?” attitude. Jenkins has only 1 more dinger than a reserve outfielder who has far less than half of Geoff’s ABs. Turnbow, in his last 7 games, has given up well more than 1 run per out recorded. Granted these are both good players, but they are obviously not producing, and we need them to in order to compete. Criticize away, I say. This team hasn’t been winners since I was 13, and it’s about time that somebody holds them accountable.

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