Hardy Lost For Season


Official Milwaukee Brewers Press Release

As first posted at 2:04pm CDT, the news we all had expected was coming finally came.

Hardy_jjJames Jerry Hardy will undergo season-ending surgery on his troublesome right ankle. The procedure is called a "retinacular repair". It will stablize the tendon that keeps snapping in and out of place, a condition that Hardy developed after severly spraining his right ankle while being blocked from home plate by Phillies backup catcher, Sal Fasano.

It was a clean, if rough and ultimately unfortunate, play. Good, hard, clean baseball sometimes results in injury. Hopefully Hardy will bounce back better than ever. His recovery time is supposedly 3-4 months. This is his second major injury in the last 3 years though.

Want some encouragment? Hall of Famer Gary Carter had this surgery twice, and his career turned out pretty well. Curt Schilling also had this ailment ("Bloody Sock" game, anybody?) and had surgery after the season. 2005 wasn’t much of a year for Schilling, but 2006 has been MUCH better. Besides, Hardy won’t exactly be driving off of a pitcher’s mound 100 times a game.

Time will tell on this one.


  1. pbrsean@aol.com

    This is a huge blow for the Brewers! Our infield has been shaky to say the least. I did not realize that Ricky Weeks and Prince Fielder’s gloves were so raw. Hopefully, a little more experience will do the trick for the two. Hardy’s range and arm will be missed, plus the experience of growing with the young infield will be missed!

    Bill Hall has filled in nicely and has made it easier for Yost to keep his bat in the lineup, but……I wanted the infield to change. I wanted Koskie 3b, Hardy ss, Hall 2b, and Fielder at 1b. Where does Ricky go? CF is where the natural speed goes. I like Weeks a lot, but his routine blown plays at 2b are putting holes in my drywall.

    Hardy’s season ending surgery will end any chance of Weeks’s moving out of 2b. With the trade deadline only 12 days away, does this injury change any moves the Brewers may have made or does this make them look at other possibilities?

  2. bigrygg@wi.rr.com

    ESPN.com Rumor Central has us linked to Julio Lugo (SS) of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

    We could do a LOT worse. Lugo has some good pop, some decent speed, and above average defense.

    Not sure what it would take to get him, or if the rumors are even true, but that’s why they’re rumors, right?


  3. Rob


    When was the last Brewer game you actually watched? Weeks is NOW making play after play after play without error. His range is probably better than any player who currently plays the position. He also turns the double play as good as anyone in the league.

    They are not moving Weeks to CF. Get over it. Don’t compare Weeks to Alfonso Soriano who never improved and was given four years to learn the position. Weeks has had just over a year to learn it.

    It’s too bad Billy Hall is not much of a team player when he bats. If there was a stat for the player who has the most strikeouts on three pitches, he would lead the league. Geoff Jenkins would probably be 2nd on that list.

    1st and 2nd, nobody out, top of the 6th inning last night. If Hall had laid down a bunt to move up the runners, we probably would have won last night. Instead, he did what he wanted to do which is to pull the ball. After the one-hop double play to Omar Vizquel, we were now looking at runner on 3rd, two out, and Damian Miller at the plate. A weak grounder to 2nd and the inning was over. Small things in close games get magnified such as the one above.

  4. pbrsean@aol.com

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Sorry, I needed to vent after another blown save on this road trip!!!!!!!!

  5. Rob


    Just like the average fan, thinking about how the game ended. How about 1 hit and 1 hit batsman after the 3rd inning! Two baserunners in the last six innings! I don’t care how many runs they scored in the first three. That’s pathetic!

    This team does not know how to take the opponent out early. Rarely can they score without the aid of a longball.

    Problems they better fix quick or this season is over!

  6. bowlhl300@aol.com

    Rob,please don’t turn into Peter Brown and say outlandish things just to stir things up. Turnbow blew it again. PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Last weekend you gave him a pass against the D-Backs when he blew it on a 2 run bomb that made the score 3-2(OK maybe not enough offense)but this afternoon they put up 6. I repeat 6 runs. M. Rivera is argueably the MVP in baseball the last ten years because he closes the door with a lead in the 9th. The last few weeks T-Bow has been atrocious and if he wasn’t the Brew Crew would be in the thick of this race. Let’s hope he get’s it figured out(either mentally or mechanically)and stop passing the buck. Please lay of Bill Hall too.

  7. Rob


    While in the box score, yes, he had a blown save and took the loss. Did you listen to the game?

    Bonds hit a two-strike bloop single that found outfield grass beating the Ned Yost shift which had Hall and Weeks in the outfield along with Gross and Jenkins.

    Then, Finley hit a “high-hopper” as it was explained by Uecker that got passed Hall who tried to make a play on the short-hop and missed. The ball then bounced over Rickey’s head. The outfield which had to be either out of position (AGAIN) or way too deep was not able to get to the ball in time to hold Finley to a single. He landed up with a double. Finley has above average speed FOR A 41 YEAR OLD!

    2nd and 3rd with only one out and neither ball that was put in play was hit with any authority which was Turnbow’s problem in Arizona when Luis Gonzalez ripped a line-drive double off the wall and Johnny Estrada ripped a fastball into the right-field seats.

    When you say they put up enough offense to win, I’m sure that’s what the players thought. From the 4th inning on, how do you explain that they could only manage a hit batsman in the 7th inning of Morris and a two-out double in the 9th off Wilson?

    Those are the facts and they are indisputable.

    Wednesday’s loss is not all on Turnbow. It’s on the offense who stopped becoming the tough out that they were in the first three innings of the game.

    Tuesday’s loss was due to lack of execution by the offense and Jeremi Gonzalez throwing an 88MPH fastball down the middle of the plate to Moises Alou after he had two strikes on him.

    Last Saturday’s loss, the Brewers managed one run while surrendering 8 in the first 4 innings. The DBacks stopeed hitting after the fourth inning in that game but they got away with it because the Brewers never started hitting.

    Last Friday’s loss, the Brewers managed only 3 runs but had a total of 14 basrunners. Yes, they sat on Turnbow’s fastball because he could not get his curveball over for strikes.

    I will not lay off any player who becomes selfish at the plate. Hall’s better than that. When he takes the ball to right field, he produces. He also makes it harder for pitchers to pitch to him since he can now go with the outside pitch and shoot it to right.

    When hall attempts to pull the outside pitch, pitchers will continue to pound the outside and Billy will go down on strikes.

    Hall, Jenkins, sometimes Weeks and Fielder has to understand that the first strike in every at-bat belongs to the pitcher. The 2nd strike belongs to the hitter, and the 3rd strike belongs to the TEAM!!!

    Failure to put the ball in play has cost this team more games than Turnbow’s struggles of late.

  8. bowlhl300@aol.com

    Excuses,excuse,excuses for Derrick Turnbow. Bloopers happen and bad bounces but the closers job is to get batters out and SAVE the game! Bill Hall is not selfish. His swing is his swing. Trou Glaus has a long swing and strikes out some also but he’s not selfish. Do you want all our hitters to choke up on the bat and swing defensively with 2 strikes? Don’t be foolish. Bill Hall has won more games for the Crew than he has lost. What’s your opinion on guys who have the big shift on(Griffey,Ortiz,Gonzalez, Dunn and so many others now it’s unbelievable)? Do you think they should bunt down the line for an easy hit or stay within “their game”. I don’t think they’re selfish. Do you have any stats regarding this Dr. McStatstein

  9. Rob


    Watching how a game finishes and watching how a game developes is two different things. I can’t argue with fans who only see the finish until they understand how the game played out.

    BTW, Billy Hall should have been charged with an error on Finley’s high-hop grounder in the 9th. He got to the ball and completely whiffed. The home team hires the official scorer which is the ONLY reason Finley was credited with a double on that play. That ball should have never gotten out of the infield.

    But go ahead and continue to soley blame Turnbow for Wednesday’s loss.

  10. bowlhl300@aol.com

    2 things. No One person is to blame in a loss but you have to admit Turnbow should shoulder alot of it. Secondly, enjoy your trip out of town and stop obsessing over Billy Hall. What did he do to you? Steal your girl scout cookies?

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