Series Review

Brewers drop first two games, rally to avoid sweep


Okay, allow me to first start off by defending Derrick Turnbow. He is human. Last year, we Brewer fans believed that he was something else entirely. He can struggle, he can slump, he can blow saves…but he is still our closer. And he should be.

I’ve heard all the talk about how if Turnbow was perfect this year that we’d be a half game out of first and leading the wild card by a couple of games. That’s all well and good, but losses happen. If our offense would’ve scored a couple more runs in those games, then Turnbow wouldn’t have been blowing saves. It’s a chicken or egg situation somewhat.

Granted, he needs to get more consistent and refind his slider (which he appeared to do last night while striking out the only two batters he faced to end the game and preserve the win), but he’s got the talent to succeed.

That being said, we should have taken two of three in this series just as we did earlier in the year. Yes, Brandon Webb shut us down and shut us out. Through seven innings of his start, 10 K & 0 R. That’s why he’s an All-Star and why his name is beginning to be talked about in the upper echelon of starters around the league.

But, we had Batista beat. It’s a shame that Turnbow couldn’t lock it down (although in my opinion that was Damian’s fault as much as it was Turnbow’s), but we still should have found a way to put more on the board before it got to the ninth…

I need to say one more thing about Saturday’s game against Webb. Why in the blue **** are we starting Barnwell at second?!? You don’t like that Rickie Weeks is 0-9 with 5 Ks against Webb? Fine. Sit him. By why don’t we play ‘Rillo at 2nd and start Corey Hart at 3rd? Hart played 3rd quite a bit in the minors, and is a much better option than Barnwell. I was so mad when I saw that lineup. It made zero sense. The only benefit Barnwell has at the Major League level for us is to spell Bill Hall and play decent enough defense at short. He doesn’t play second all that well, as evidenced by his play on Saturday. You’ve still got both Clark and Gwynn to back up the OF, and can bring Barnwell in late as a defensive replacement if need be. But his "bat", if you can even call it that, might as well have been securely placed in the dugout bin.

I digress. It was a hard-fought series (except for Game 2 where the Crew laid down their bats in the on-deck circle for 7 innings with the exception of Carlos Lee), but we just couldn’t pull out a series victory.

We live to fight another day! We head into San Francisco for some Rice-A-Roni, some trolley car rides, and hopefully a sweep of the pesky Giants (but I’d take 2 of 3).

Hopefully I’ll have time to get a series preview up today yet…God knows we have a late enough local start time since we’re out west…but if not, I’ll be sure to come back with some analysis after the series is done.


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